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报告题目:Green and optimizednutrition in aquaculture for broodstock and larvae

报告人:Réjean Tremblay

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Dr.Réjean Tremblay, Professor of University of Quebec at Rimouski, Canada.

Research Involves

Larvalecophysiology, production of juveniles in aquaculture, microalgae production,research on marine bioactive molecules and development of more effectivefarming practices.

Contributions to research anddevelopment

Accordingto “Web of Science”: h-index = 26, 2014 citations

CanadaResearch Chairs level 2 in aquaculture, specialization on larviculture from 2003 to 2013.

Hehas published 113 peer reviewed papers, 1 book chapter, 39 technical reportsfor industry and 2 patents.

Hehas been invited speakers on 28 conferences and has been involved on 173 oralpresentations and 60 posters at international and national scientificconferences (World aquaculture society, ASLO, Physiomar, Benthic ecologymeeting, International Conference on Shellfish Restoration, Nationalshellfisheries association, World congress of malacology, The society forexperimental biology, etc).

Hehas directed or co-directed 8 postdoctoral fellows, 16 doctoral and 24 masterstudents.

Hehas been involved in organization of 18 national or international scientificconference.


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